ready. set. regroup.

Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, will be here in just a few days. I plan on handing out candy with a friend and carving pumpkins. I'm glad to have the season start to change; in the past week we've had snow, sunshine, gloominess and rain. 

With all of this change happening, I've really started to contemplate so many things. I have lots to figure out; some days I'm finding myself excited with opportunity, sometimes I feel drained of inspiration. It's a teeter-totter I'm working on leveling out. 

The 60/40 is going to take a little nap. I'll be gone until the week of November 8th. Don't be sad though, when I get back, this place is going to feel brand new! There are going to be new features, a new look, and revamped favorites. 

Have a happy Halloween and get excited for the Holidays and all the fun things to come on The 60/40!
xo, Roxanne


s said...

Happy Halloween to you and Hank!


Leah Brunner said...

aww hankster! I love Halloween time because Isis looks like a halloween kitty!

Erin Wallace said...

Happy to hear from you - was going to email you if you didn't post in the next few days! Love your kitty, will be looking forward to the new look.

xo Erin

red dirt revival said...

I love taking those times to just recharge and be inspired. I can't wait to see what you come up with next!