super {flea} sunday.

Good afternoon! Your weekly {flea} is coming in a day late, but for good reason. Yesterday I to the most amazing trip into the mountains! I can't wait to share my photos and adventure with you later in the week.

Today I want to celebrate the 'little things' and by little I mean those cheap but fabulous finds that you just can't help but smile over.

I found a new thrift last week that I adore. It was seriously the cleanest, best smelling thrift in the history of all time (it smelled like cookies and candles). While many of the clearly marked and visible items were things I wasn't looking for, I spied this adorable coin bank from the seventies out of the corner of my eye.

Total cost? Three quarters! I couldn't believe it. The whole way home I couldn't stop looking at it. For some reason their retro colors and sleepy eyes just made me so very happy. Sometimes it's the cheap finds that are the best.

So there you have it kittens, another cute Sunday {flea}. What's the smallest item you've acquired that always makes you smile?

Be sure to come back this week for lots of fun leading up to The 60/40's one year anniversary! xo.

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MeeshOne.Love said...

1 year! i can't believe it!
shoot me your email...i want to feature you! ;)
love love.