happy weekend.

Another weeks has slipped by me somehow. What is with me kittens? I can't seem to "get it together" as they say, but this weekend I have to! What are your fabulous weekend plans? I'm headed to the Pumpkin Patch with the girls tomorrow and will spend every day after that cleaning my heart out for the arrival of my Mom! I can't wait for her to come and kick my creative energy into high gear. 

Next week is a week long celebration; it's The 60/40's one year anniversary! I'm so excited to share with you some of my very favorite things. I hope you'll join me in the fun. 

I'll leave you with this sweet little reminder of years past. I found this lock I used on my diary in the second grade. Took me waaaay back and made me smile. Hope it makes you smile too! Happy weekend friends. xo.

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Leah Brunner said...

aw have a great time with your mom! I love when family comes to visit :)