super {flea} sunday.

This Sunday, so far, has been the most beautiful Autumn day. The air is crisp, the leaves are gently falling and I have a nice hot cup of cider to keep me company! 

This week's {flea} is short and sweet. I came across this sweet little scrapbook a few weeks back and had to have it. The starburst design is so precious and the pages inside are worn and yellowed. 

I think I'll be using this to journal about the past year of my life. Snapshots, letters, and trinkets will find it's way into this little space. What would you journal about if this baby was on your desk?

I am SO excited about this week kittens. All week long I'm going to be celebrating the one year anniversary of The 60/40! There's a birthday, a giveaway, a spooky list, and a {flea} you won't forget! I hope you'll come back tomorrow and join in all the fun :) See you then. xo. 

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